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Responsive wireframe design

Wireframes allow you to visualise site structure and content hierarchy on all browsing devices

Responsive wireframe design
Try a working responsive wireframe.

Do you require your project visualised with responsive wireframes?

Get all of your team working toward the same goal by using responsive wireframes to visualise content hierarchy. To learn more please get in touch.

At the beginning of a new project it can be hard for your directors, marketing department, content editors and copywriters to visualise content hierarchy and site structure. This is where responsive wireframe design can help.

Web design mock ups allow the look and feel of core page elements to be developed. Once established though it can be time consuming on multi template projects to design a mock up for every page.

To add to the equation responsive web design means you are now developing for 3 main devices types, mobile, tablet and PC. Each has a different layout and some devices need content targeting so the pages message always gets across. That's a lot of variables for everyone to take on and no wonder many teams only fully understand a project during the closing stages.

Responsive wireframe design allows your team to view just the site structure and therefore understand the content hierarchy. This can spark vital decisions on content creation and provides your team with a thorough understanding of the site during the build process.

The wireframes are blocked out to show where final content would sit. They are fully responsive giving you a complete picture of how your site will respond on all devices. Functionality like width dependant navigation, light boxes, accordions and animated panels can be included to show how users will engage with the site.

Responsive wireframes are purposefully basic in appearance and so quick to produce. It also means your team focuses on your content and how it will work in a real life context.

You can view a demo of a live responsive wireframe here. Once opened change the browsers width to see how it responds on other devices.

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