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Social media services

Bespoke integration of your social networks including share, follow, feeds and custom theme design

  • Social media services
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Do you need your social media integrated in to your site?

We can integrate all your social media in to the structure of your current site or develop a cohesive plan for a new build. Whatever you have in mind we can help all your marketing avenues gain exposure. From custom themes to allowing your sites content to be further distributed. Get in touch to learn more.

Social media is now a major part of modern life. The young and old alike are using social networks to communicate and make new connections. Some of the new connections are with businesses that have a branded presence on one or more different social media platforms.

Whilst your social networks work to promote your site and create brand awareness it's wise to close the loop. You can integrate your website with your social media in several ways.


New website content can be further distributed by utilising share options such as 'likes' and 'tweets'. We are able to provide access to over 300 different social networks from around the globe. You can be sure whatever social network your visitor uses your content can be disseminated far and wide.


Social media works for business because your messages are pushed out to your followers. You can gain more followers by converting your conventional web traffic to follow your social networks as well. We can integrate follow options to the major social networks that you have a presence on.


The output of your social media can also be integrated in to your conventional website. The feed loads your latest tweets or posts and work in real time. This provides regular web visitors the opportunity to also experience your social media output. The feeds act as a lure to encourage further interaction with you.

Custom social theme design

Arnie design can also help your business by ensuring your brand image is replicated on your social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. We also provide custom theme design and development for the Tumblr network. These provide a lot of flexibility in the functionality we can add to the page creating a unique user experience.

Build new followers and gain exposure to your brand

By integrating your social networks with your website you allow your brand to reach a wider audience. Contact Arnie to see how we can help.

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