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Responsive web design

Websites designed to adjust to the screen width of mobiles, tablets PC's and Macs

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Update your online presence with responsive web design

Ensure your website gets the maximum exposure on today's array of viewing devices by contacting Arnie to discuss responsive web design.

Responsive web design is a modern approach to building websites. The techniques involved solve issues that arose from the huge variety of different size devices viewing websites. Mobile and tablet sales now outnumber those of traditional PC's so catering for all devices has become a necessity.

You probably have experienced using an old traditional website on a mobile. It can be a little frustrating zooming content to read, then having to scroll both vertical and horizontal. Filling in forms is near impossible and using buttons and navigation systems are hard work. It was simply not good enough.

This does not have to be the case as responsive web design solves all these issues and many more. With just one website you can cater for most modern smart phones, tablets, PC's and Macs.

Thanks to responsive web design your customers will engage with your site more. It will always look great and be easy to read regardless of the device used to do so. When visitors only have a mobile to hand there are no reasons why they could not access content on your site. They'll leave, mission accomplished and not frustrated.

With responsive web design you can also target content to be shown or hidden. For example image sliders with calls to action look great on the wide screen but carry less impact on a narrow mobile. The slider can be turned off if a mobile width is used and allow focus on content suitable to that device.

Responsive web design helps to future proof your site. This is because the critical factor in determining how your site is rendered is the width of the screen. By not having to consider the device type your site will always look as it should when new devices are launched.

If you want to see responsive web design in action you've got to go no further. The website you are currently viewing is fully responsive. Those of you on a PC or Mac grab the browsers right edge with your mouse and narrow the windows width to see how the site changes. If you are on a touch device you can just change the orientation. Notice how the navigation changes form a horizontal to a vertical basis, the target size also increases to suit fingers. The columns of content used to divide the page up stack above each other in a logical manner. Images scale, move and become hidden to ensure they are always useful to the page and text scales to be always readable.

Future proof with responsive web design

Do you want to future proof your website with responsive web design? Get in touch with Arnie to discuss your requirements.

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