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Responsive email design

Maximising your email click rates through superior design and readability

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Wow that quite a statement, but that's exactly what responsive email design does. Click rates in email marketing campaigns go up when your email is built for your customers viewing device.

Over 50% of initial reading of emails is now performed on mobile devices. Ensuring your content is easy to read by using responsive email design is the key to driving customer engagement. When click rates increase so do sales, maximising the return on your email marketing investment.

Responsive email design is a build technique that adjusts the emails structure and content to always fit the devices width. No zooming or horizontal scrolling is required to read the content and calls to action are never missed. Responsive email design can go even further with specific content being turned on or off dependant on the viewing devices width. It's possible for just the core messages to be displayed on the small screen with extra details shown on larger devices.

Our responsive email designs are tested on over 70 different email platform/client combinations prior to sending. You can be sure your emails always look great regardless of the device used to view them.

Responsive email design is just one part of our email marketing service. We can help increase your emails deliverability, maximise opening rates and reduce the likelihood of your email being regarded as spam.

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Arnie Design loves the challenge of making responsive email design work for your campaigns. To find out more why not get in touch with us.

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